Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More inconsequential complaints

And another five days pass . . . (The below was written last Friday, although I just posted it today because I was too grouchy to finish it and afraid to post it). I'm feeling a bit more sane. Probably PMS is to blame. I bought some Midol. (This part's just for the women, so Brother and Husband, skip to the next paragraph. Why does my period seem shorter these days but my PMS is much, much longer? It seems like half the month is wasted on crampy crankiness. I should probably ask my OB/GYN rather than pose it as a question on my blog. But she'd probably tell me it's perimenopause--can't do anything about that--or recommend BCPs. Bleah, although I kind of like the idea of those four periods/year pills . . . but then I remember I don't have health insurance.)

Welcome back, guys, although this may be boring to you, too. I did my next two-week weigh-in and . . . (drumroll) . . . no change. I guess the positive spin I could put on it is that without all this exercise, I'd be gaining weight. I should probably add a couple of more vigorous cardios into my routine (that's what the computer-generated wisdom of my real age report suggested), but now I've got a sore toe from that toe nail (damaged 2 months ago) being about to fall off. Ugh.

I had another job interview last week, but haven't heard anything, despite the interviewer saying she was going to contact all the candidates "either way". It was a good interview though, with a high level person at the (very large) agency who has the same degree (and licensure) I'm after. I think I will be able to put ATTN: Her Name on future applications to that agency. Once again the issue of not being done with my graduate degree may have been the confounding factor. The position didn't even require a Master's degree, but I think she may have been concerned about my potential commitment level. Plus she kept saying how busy I was, how much I had "going on". Because I volunteer for two places, which I only do because I don't have a job and don't want to be bored (and it makes my heart feel good, that too)? Because I have two young kids? Would she have said that if I were a man? Would our children and their ages be relevant if my husband were the applicant? Am I cynical to think that it would be a plus for him, that he would be seen as a "family man" instead of an over-strapped homemaker/grad student?

I have, however, secured an internship for spring, which may be a place I will want to/be able to work in the near future. The internship, as is customary, is unpaid and obviously sans benefits as well. We'll survive on my husband's conservative, mathematically sound gambling career, although no saving is going on around here. I'll still be applying as jobs come up, of course, and maybe I can take on another tutoring student.

A whole bunch of other stuff I've been thinking about, even entire composed blog posts in my head (usually as I tried to fall asleep), has been forgotten. I will not go so long between posts, that might help.

If anyone is interested in a rare balanced, well-considered discussion about abortion, I recommend checking out Dry Bones Dance.


JG said...

So, these posts are funny -- no doubt about it. But even as I'm laughing at your turns of phrase, I find myself thinking, 'Man, Karen is having a bumpy time.' I don't mean specifically the poop on the floor, or C.'s limited prospective lifespan, although both are a shame. Hang in there. And best of best of luck finishing up the school stuff.

Karen said...

It does feel bumpy, but I also feel guilty for complaining! Hey, if you ever feel like changing careers, you'd be good at counseling--you always seem to know how to make me feel heard!

Geohde said...

AH, I am always told how 'full' my hands must be. It never occurred to me that it was code for 'may not be fully committed to our job'.