Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unforeseen Side Effects

of work, I guess. Specifically of wearing uncomfortable shoes to work. My feet hurt. I had taken for granted the general state of non-foot pain that previous my mostly barefoot, once-to-twice a week nice shoes for 1-2 hours tops, otherwise be-sneakered lifestyle yielded me. Other than getting (daily) foot massages and/or pedicures that I have no time to schedule, any suggestions? Any particular brands of shoes that don't cause foot pain long into the weekend? I buy cheap shoes, generally, being a frugal person. But I'm willing to fork over more money for less pain. No pain, preferably. I remember my feet hurting AT work when I used to stand most of the day in my retail years. But that was 10 years ago (yikes) and my shoes then, more often than not, did not have heels. I am oh-so-much-more fashionable these days. Inexpensively fashionable. Now they hurt after I've taken the shoes off. A day or two after. Like they hurt right now and in 9 hours I have to put shoes back on. Ow.

I have pictures from the last week! From softball! And playground! And Fun Fest! And P. with a softball helmet and not much else. Soon I will post them on the other blog.


Dr. Andrew Schneider said...

Your foot pain may have nothing to do with your shoes. It's possible that your feet mechanically are having a problem standing for this period of time. You should visit with a podiatrist, who may suggest a custom orthotic to put into these work shoes to better balance you and eliminate the excess pressure. Visit for more information.

Wordgirl said...

Hi there.

How are you? I'm so behind in blog reading -- but I wanted to pop in and say hello...and you know, I don't know if its appropriate for where you are but I bought Dansko clogs -- they are pricey but truly have been comfortable -- even when I was on my feet all day teaching -- and I just met someone who was a cook and he said "oh, are those danskos -- they were great when I was working in the kitchen on my feet all day..."


I hope it helps! I'll try to be better about my blog reading -- I always think of you and wonder how you and yours are!

JG said...

I was going to suggest Dansko clogs too -- super-comfy if they're fitted right. In general, I am going to note that high heels, especially with narrowed or pointed toes, are not your friend as you get older.

Naturalizer specializes in making (sometimes slightly homely) comfortable work shoes that are available at discount shoe places like Rackroom.

Here I was anticipating an entry about how your work made your fingers too tired to type blog entries! Just kidding.

Karen said...

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies, (and creepy phishing doctor). I fondly recall the early nineties when it was acceptable to wear LL Bean hiking shoes with just about everything. Well, that's what I did. Some people wore Doc Martens. Still, those days are past.

I will be checking out the Danskos. I think my new job means I can justify a pair of $100ish shoes. And the Naturalizers, too. I may just have to put the $30 heels (not that high, but still) back in the closet for little P. to play with.

MrsSpock said...

I wore Danskos to work for a few years, and then switched to Z-coils. Many nurses wear them. They are hideous, but wonderful for long days of standing and walking.