Monday, September 8, 2008

The Meet and Greet

Seemed to go well. I talked to two co-workers in a separate room, after seeing where the people at my level worked (one not-so-big room, five desks and a small conference table) and saying hi to the woman (assistant director) who interviewed me Thursday. The director also poked his head in the door and said he was happy to see me again. Everyone was friendly, the discussion was informal and low-key. The two people were the team leader (my would-be direct supervisor who also has cases of her own), a woman around 50, and one of the people at my would-be level, a young guy (30 at most). Neither were dressed anywhere near formally, so I'm glad I scaled down a little for this second meeting (thanks, J)!

The best question was when the young guy said, We do a lot of report writing for the court, we have to edit and submit to the attorneys and then reedit--how comfortable are you with, you know, writing, using Microsoft Word, summarizing, etc., etc.?

Ha! English major! I love it when that actually comes in handy.

I should find out in the next day or two one way or the other. I feel pretty good about it, although Mary Poppins* could also have gotten a callback. I will try to go about my daily routine and not be driven to distraction by wondering and what if'ing. A lot of things will change if I get the job and my tendency is to want to mentally work out all the details as soon as I can. I was driving home holding imaginary conversations with the mom of the kid I'm tutoring, the group I volunteer with, etc., etc. No harm in that, I guess, except to get my hopes up more, maybe.

Thanks for the help, everyone! I will keep you posted.

*Practically Perfect in Every Way

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