Monday, September 22, 2008


First off, if you're a reading sort of person, read The Sorrows of an American, on the top of my recently read book list. Also very good is Ann Patchett--The Magician's Assistant is the one I just read and I've also read/loved Bel Canto--I am going to read the rest of her books ASAP. ASA I have taken my exam, it should be. Might be sooner, though.

Exercise: 1 hour on treadmill
Cleaning: finished girls' room incl. vacuuming, dusting, baseboards, throwing out more stuff.
Studying: Umm
Employment: Meh

Exercise: Vacuuming, moving furniture, dusting and moving objects to dust
Cleaning: see above--the two are related today: both BR and LR now clean enough
Studying: Took practice test online
Employment: Hey, it's the weekend!

Exercise: blah
Cleaning: blah
Studying: another practice test, read half of first chapter in study guide
Employment: Still the weekend, people!

Seriously, I should be filling out applications on the weekend, but apparently I can only be industrious in one or two quadrants at a time. I'm going to do more today! Not more cleaning, probably, but more job stuff. Right after I take a nap . . .

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