Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are YOU tired of (hearing about) it yet?

I am, but I will plow ahead, inspired by my previously dormant competitiveness. It is discouraging to click on a NaNoWriMo profile and see this person who already has 29,467 words is only 14 years old. Three things, though: 1) They could be 29,467 stupid words; 2) When I was 14, I wrote a lot, although I had no reason to count words; 3) What else does a 14 year old writing geek have to do anyway besides lame high school homework? Also, when I was 14, I did not worry about whether what I wrote was good. I mean, I thought about the words I wrote and even used my eraser every once in a while, but I didn't abandon stories halfway through because they'd never get published or because I couldn't think of anything that made sense. I just wrote. So, more of that, please.

Two non-writing related notices: Rent The Devil and Daniel Johnston if you are interested in art, music, mental illness, or humanity. Yeah, that better be all of you. It's from 2005 so I may be jumping on the bandwagon late, but I couldn't not recommend it. A story of a life. Maybe tragic, but also heroic. Plus, weird personal trivia, the church the family goes to is The Church of Christ. And so did I from ages 8-14! Definitely fundy!

What was the other thing? I started a poem about little P. Maybe I will post it later, after I bang out my ~2000 words for the day. I think there was something else, but I can't remember it now. . .


JG said...

Hang in there -- whether it's competitiveness or sheer stubbornness, keep on chugging!

Oh, and I will try to wring some extra, bathetic words out of the tragedy. However, I'm wagering I won't get to tragedy tonight. Perhaps simply an odd visit to a London sightseeing spot where things unexpected will be revealed to our hapless hero.

BTW, the word verification code for your comments area is getting pretty hilarious. Tonight's is "tataing" which made me laugh.

Karen said...

Now, just now, it's "boarah"--I'm not sure what that means either, but it's making me think boar/boorish/bore/boo-rah. I should start writing.

We're almost halfway there!

Yikes, I must have typed it wrong, now my word is "wooncri"

MrsSpock said...

The biggest thing that discourages me from writing is the constant fear that it isn't good. I started my novel with one idea, wrote a bit, and then abandoned it to start a new plot.