Saturday, November 22, 2008

Remind me again (NaNoWriMo)

why I am doing this? When I could be watching something from Netflix? Or drinking a beer and going to bed? I think I'm doing this to prove to myself that I can, to force myself to stick with a piece of writing beyond the infatuation stage. Oh, but I would really surprised if 25% of this is worth saving. And if any of those are the last 10,000 words I've written.

They said breaking 30,000 would be like reaching the top of the mountain, which I took to mean that the last 20,000 would be like skiing downhill, which I have very limited experience of, but sure looks like fun. I think they were just lying to get us to keep going.

My problem is (and then I'll get back to writing, I swear) is that my tone and even my point of view are all over the place. I've given in and switched to first person, which was nice at first, but now I just feel like I'm narrating the boring events of my life. Kind of like blogging, except stuff that happened ten years ago and without too much ironic distance. And I definitely don't think anyone wants to read my memoir.

What I'm hoping is that after I get my little NaNoWriMo certificate and the accompanying sense of accomplishment that I've written 50,000 words, even if 40,000 of them are crap, I will be able to figure out what I want to do with this idea. Right now I just don't know. I do know I would have abandoned it by now if it weren't for this contest. It's debatable whether that would be better or worse for me and this pile of steaming words.

I have a few photos to post on the mommy blog (Soccer! Stereotypical Thanksgiving Costumes!), but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight I have to get to 35K, or at least close.


Geohde said...

As a woman who is only capable of writing in 3 to 5 hundred word increments I think you're probably doing rather better than I ever would ;)


Sarah Yost said...

10000 usable out of 40000 crap sounds like a pretty good ratio to me. A lot of people would say good writing is carving out what works in a sea of what doesn't.

I still can't believe 50K in one month! I swear I'm doing it next year; I imagine it's totally exhilarating, exhausting, scary, boring, and hard. Good for you for doing it!