Thursday, November 6, 2008

NaNoWriMo could be Nah, No Write anyMore . . .

Day Four: You did it! You broke what they call the fourth wall. Way to get out of your character-who-resembles-you's head and right into yours. Consider that you might be the most boring person ever to write a novel about herself. Plus you wrote better when you were a teenager.

Day Five: Write down a dream you had seemingly in the world of your story, with you as main character (see, your dreams know she's you, too!), do dream analysis-lite and totally count it in your word count. Then do a bit of lazy writing during commercial breaks after 8 pm.

Day Six: Transcribe handwritten crap from last night, making it slightly better. Plan to write while your daughter is in her dance class. Talk to the other moms instead. Still 2000 words behind. Catch up! (After watching 30 Rock. And The Office. To paraphrase Homer Simpson: It's the networks!)

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JG said...

Sing it, sister.